Terry is a performer and instructor of Japanese traditional music. Her primary artistic interests are minyo (folk) and traditional music of Japan as performed on the Tsugaru shamisen, Okinawan sanshin, and taiko drums.



Terry began studying Tsugaru shamisen in 2006. Initially self-taught, she began training with the Sasaki School of Tsugaru shamisen in 2010. She was recognized in 2014 by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts for her work in the preservation and transmission of Tsugaru shamisen traditions. In 2018, Terry formally began studying under the guidance of Tsugaru shamisen composer-performer Hiromitsu Agatsuma.

Terry is co-founder and Executive Director of TaikoMix, a non-profit Asian American performing arts organization based in Riverside, California. She is a lecturer of Japanese traditional music at the University of California, Riverside. Terry offers music lessons* in Riverside, San Bernadino and Los Angeles Counties. She currently serves as the Artistic Director of The Wagaku Collective, an all-traditional Japanese music ensemble. 

Notable performances and collaborations include live-action appearances as Laika Films’ “Kubo and the Two Strings,” performing band member of Momoiro Clover Z TransAmerica Ultra Live tour, Legoland Ninjago debut, among many other appearances throughout North America.

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* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person music lessons have been on pause. Please submit a contact form at the link above if you are interested in virtual programming options.